Container Liners

Container liners worden via de deuropening gevuld met behulp van een mondstuk of via een luik opening in de bovenzijde.

NITTEL Freight Container Liners

NITTEL Freight Container Liners are either filled through the door using a nozzle or, in the case of top-loaders, through a hatch. They are equipped with guide ropes, a strong corrugated cardboard door guard, metal retention bars and lateral corrugated cardboard aids for the discharging of residual product. NITTEL Freight Container Liners are suitable for all types of granulates, e.g. PE, PVC.

20´- 40´ ISO freight containers

With filling nozzle in the top plate for top-loaders
With up to 4 filling and discharging nozzles for loading and unloading through the rear door

Co-extrusion films
Aluminium foils

Application Examples:
NITTEL aluminium foil freight container liners: Ideal for transportation of plastic granulate in intercontinental shipping, e.g. for transportation of polyamide granulate from Europe to Asia.

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