Bier tank liner

NITTEL Bier tank liners zijn gemaakt van een foliemateriaal dat speciaal is ontwikkeld voor de opslag van bier.

Beer Tank Liner

NITTEL Beer Tank Liners comprise of plastic films which have been specifically developed for the storage of beer. These films can adapt to the extreme temperatures and pressure levels in beer storage tanks. The pressure of up to 3 bars and the time of storage determine the right choice of Beer Tank Liner. The special adaptation to the tank ensures that once the liner has been snapped onto the valve, the liner will then automatically unfold during filling.

Beer storage tanks: 200 to 5,000 litres

Can be matched to all common types of storage tank, e.g. Bier-Drive, FIB Industries, duotank or Mueller

High Barrier: a 14-layer co-extrusion film with a polyvinyl alcohol layer (EVOH) that serves as a barrier

Application Examples:
High Barrier: for storage of up to 6 weeks under high fermentation pressure.

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